In the earliest of years, with records dating back to 1791, the settlers of St. Columba parish were dependent upon the visits of Bishop MacEachern to the area for spiritual guidance, and were aided as needed by the parishioners of St. Margarets[1]. But as the needs and numbers of those in area grew, so too did the demand for a church of their own.

First Church (Log Cabin) Edit

Little is known regarding this church, save for that it was of "a simple log cabin design[1]". It is presumed that, not unlike the early church in Rollo Bay, that this was merely a small and practical building in which to worship. It was thought to have been built upon the present church grounds.[2]

Second Church (1825) Edit

The second church, completed in 1825, was a wood frame building which was finished inside with a ceiling, paint, and a gallery[1]. This was a time of large growth for the congregation though, and by 1846 a newer, larger church was built to accommodate the rising numbers.

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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