Held Friday, June 17 at St. Mary's Parish Hall. Over 500 people in total were in attendance. There were a total of 24 graduates that year, 13 girls and 11 boys. Guest speaker was Kier Clarke, Minister of Education.

Graduates were:

Bushey, Peter
Clinton, Eleanor
Creamer, Sterling
Deagle, Winnifred
Dingwell, Violet
Dixon, Rita
Ellis, Reagh
Howlett, Urban
Hughes, Thomas
MacAulay, Gerard
MacAulay, Jean
MacAulay, Joanne
MacCormack, Helen Marie
MacCormack, Leonard
MacDonald, Helen
MacDonald, Paul
MacIntyre, Ruth
MacKinnon, James
MacPhee, Catherine
Mullalley, Desmond
O'Hanley, Jenny
Paquet, Joyce
White, Norma
Wood, Eric
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