Souris Harbour is one of the defining features of the Town of Souris, and as such its role in shaping the town has been instrumental.

In the early years, Souris East was in a competition with Souris West to establish a dominant harbour and port to aid in the fishery. Through the hard work and determination of John Knight, among others, a breakwater was established at Knight's Point which created a safe harbour for resting fishing fleets. With the establishment of this safe harbour, business flourished in Souris East, and eventually all commercial ventures transitioned away from Souris West.

Historically speaking, and continuing until the present day, one of the most iconic components of Souris Harbour is the Souris Lighthouse, which continues to operate to this day.

The BreakwaterEdit

Souris Breakwater was renovated in 2007, at the cost of 4 million dollars. 49 000 metric tonnes of rock was used to refortify the breakwater and it now  consists of a 475m rubble mound which is expected to last another 100 years[1]

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