Souris Beach is a sandy buffer zone which spans the distance of the causeway upon entering into the town of Souris. The Souris River enters the Northumberland Strait at this point.


The waters of the beach are extremely shallow in comparison to others local beaches, and as a result remain quite warm. At low tide the water recedes immensely, and there is ample opportunity to walk and explore on the uncovered sandbars.

New RenovationsEdit

Protective measures were taken during the summer of 2012 to prevent coastline erosion on Souris Beach. 

It was announced in late May of 2013 that the beach would receive further infrastructure and improvements, including a new seawall, boardwalk, washroom facilities and commercial space (CBC), as well as added parking and a gazebo (Ross). A breakdown of the budget for this project was released by the CBC, stating that the federal government will provide $391 490, the provincial government will provide $143 125, the town will provide $137 300, and the Souris Harbour Authority will provide $28 750 (please note that these totals are for both the beach renewal and an improvement to the Souris Marina).

Through this development, Souris Beach now features an ice cream shop, the Lobster Shack, a sea glass boutique, and Chef Michael Smith operates a "Flavour Shack". Further modifications on the North side of the road have added a picnic area and gazebo, as well as a parking area for campers and RVs.

In 2016 a retaining sea wall was added to help prevent erosion, and marram grass was planted. In the winter of 2016-17, further erosion prevention measures were installed on the beach proper.


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