R R Dwan Killed Train

R. R. Dwan was a brother to John Joseph Dwan. He was killed in Lacombe, Alberta, at a level train crossing on May 4 1936 at the age of 54. He was struck by the train and died instantly of a broken neck. His wife, A. R. Dwan, who was also travelling with him, died several hours later due to this accident.

R. R. had been a town councillor in Lacombe, and was serving in his third year in that position. He also owned a dairy business in Lacombe at the time of his death. Prior to that he had been a gold prospector in the Klondyke.



Full Name R.R. Dwan
Place of Birth St. Peters
Lived In Lacombe, Alberta
Date of Birth 1882
Date of Death 11 May 1936
Date Married ?
Spouse A R Dwan
Siblings John Joseph Dwan
Children Marion, Florence, May, Walter
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