1980 retrospective booklet:

The first mayor of Souris was J.J. Hughes, who served a one year term. . C.C. Carleton held the office of town clerk for 22 years. His successors were H.G. Matthew, J.E. Moynagh, J.H. Brennan, M.J. McQuaid, Mrs. Fee Roach, and Mrs. Mildred Ehler. In 1980 the town council consisted of Keith MacKenzie, Paul Alyre Galland, Peter McQuaid, James Miles, David MacDonald, and Gary Dingwell.

No. Name Dates Served Notes
1. J.J. Hughes 1910-1911 First Mayor
2. R.C. McLean 1911-?
3. J.W. Brennan
4. J.B. Matthews
5. J.E. MacDonald
6. H.H. Acorn
7. William Hughes
8. C.A. Cox
9. A.T. MacDonald
10. J.P. MacPhee
11. M.S. Acorn
12. P.E. Holland
13. Dr. A.H. Smallwood 1939-1946
14. Paul Gallant 1947-1948
15. L.W. Roper
16. C.E. LaVie
17. J. Arthur Peters
18. B.L. Stewart
19. Joseph Campbell
20. Wendall R. Birt
21. R.A. Leard
22. Andrew Meurant
23. John J. McCormack
24. George MacEachern
25. C.A. MacPhee
26. Keith MacKenzie
27. James J. Hughes Grandson to the first Mayor
Joanne Reid
David MacDonald
Dr. Steve O'Brien 2017-Present
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