While it was initially noted (in the Leard papers) that the father of Flora MacDonald was married to Amelia "Millie" Jenkins, this appear to be incorrect, and it seems as if researchers may have made a misconnection here. All previous records indicate that it was John "The Sailor" MacDonald who was the father of Flora MacDonald, as she too retains the nickname "The Sailor". Furthermore, John "The Sailor" MacDonald was in fact from the Annandale/Little Pond area, whereas the husband of Amelia "Millie" Jenkins was not.

It is thought that perhaps through a confusion of John MacDonalds (which is a distinct possibility), lines were cross leading to the John MacDonald of Mount Albion. As such, the history John "The Sailor" MacDonald is not known at this time.

John "The Sailor" MacDonald was born 1858. He was the father of Flora MacDonald. He married Matilda Robertson. Died 1910, and was buried in Annandale, PEI in the United Church Cemetery.

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