Anselm McDonald Road: Eponymous. Named after Anselm McDonald, whose farm was situated on the road.

Beach Avenue: This street heads towards the beach, and as it skirts Colville Bay it has complete beach access.

Breakwater Street: This street runs along the water and overlooks the harbour and breakwater. The street and cliffs itself also literally act as a breakwater.

Hebrew Avenue: Early 1900s. Mrs. Ida Isaacson, with Hyman Jacobson as clerk, was doing business in [the building on the corner of Main and Hebrew] with a side entrance onto the street. Jacobson was Jewish, thus the street name. Jewish people were a rarity in Souris in those days (as remains true today) and there was a popular saying in Souris at the time that "Jews were never much in favour after what they did to Christ."

Knight's Avenue: Named after John Knight. His personal residence was here.

St. Charles Road: Extends into the community of St. Charles. Formerly Burke's Road, named after Burke's who lived on it.

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