About the first boats to be powered by motors was in 1906. Those original

engines were of the one cylinder type, mostly of the Bruce Stewart type, Acadia,

lmperial etc. The first double cylinder here was installed in a boat owned by the late

Angus Jarvis in 1924. The boats continued to be of the smaller type, due mostly to the

fact that they had to be hauled up on the beach when a storm threatened. (History of North Lake)

This was an onerous task even with the use of rollers and hand-operated

Capstan. These boats, although small, were very seaworthy. On one occasion aboat

of about twenty-two feet left anchored out a short distance from shore, rode out a

howling North-eastern storm of three days duration. lt was fascinating to watch her

riding on the crest of a wave then plunging into the following trough.

With the advent of boat motors the lot of the fishermen was made easier. No

more aching back of blistered hands from the use of oars, however the labor of getting

fish from where the boats would beach, to factory, stilled remained the same laborious

task as did the hauling up of same on threat of storm.

The fishing of lobster in the years 1906 to 1916 did not show a very great

variation in catches. In the year 1916ten boatsfishing forthe Maclean plant had a

total catch of 136.000 lbs.

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