The fortune teller told Ira that someone was going to be killed. This came true, Ira's brother Frank was killed, he was working in the oil field and an oil drum rolled on him and killed him. This was a couple of days after the fortune was predicted. This took place in Boston. Chelsea Boston.

Black Shepherd's who ran a mill in Gowan Brae. See Jim Hornby's book of Black people on PEI.

Gram had her fortune told that someone "across the water" misses her. She was in Boston at the time. Soon after Grampie proposed to her.

The first of the recorded mouse plagues occurred in 1724. They are remembered today in the naming of the Town of Souris. Havre a la Souris appears on Sieur de la Roque's map of Acadia and Isle Royale, as well as the Bellin and Pichon maps. In Mik' Maq, the harbour was known as Sgoltjoegatig. Surveyor-General Samuel Holland assigned the name Colville Bay to Souris Harbour as he completed his survey of the Island in 1764. Colville Bay was named for Alexander, 7th. Lord Colville of Culross (1717-1770) who was in command of naval forces from Quebec in the Bahamas in 1763. The post office was known as Souris from ca. 1830 until 1867 and as Souris East from 1867 to 1967. The community was named New Bristol by John Cambridge in 1820. Other names included Grand Haven, Mouse Harbour, Red Cliffs and Colville Bay. Souris Head extends in Northumberland Strait in Lot 44. It appears in 1752 as Cap de la souris. A map drawn in 1874 shows Colville Point. The 1880 Atlas shows Souris Head. Souris was officially incorporated as a town on November 14, 1910. Souris is a nationally recognized Community Inclusive Town. Listen as George Leard, Leo Gorman, Gen Roach and Dr. A. A. MacDonald describe the Town ca. 1962 to Jack McAndrew on the C.B.C. within the Museum of Canadian Music web site.

Jackie Aitken of Fortune tells that story that during April of about 1964, his mother died. It was storming so badly that the plow had to be called to escort the car carrying her body into Souris. After almost 24 hours, they had only progressed as far as Rollo Bay, near where the old Rollo Bay West school house was. In this time relatives had made it all the way from the States back to the Island, yet the body had only made it this far. Word was then received that someone else had died in Bear River, and that the hearse from Dingwell's could meet them at the end of the Bear River road. Consultation was held with the family, and it was agreed that they would carry their mother's body the nearly 5km through the snowy roads and fields to Bear River, which they did.

Rumor has it that the Little Pond church was once struck by lightning. The lightning hit the steeple, sending it flying far across the neighboring fields. It was still red hot and smoking when they found it.

Rumor has it that one of the churches in Annandale was struck by lightning, causing all of the metal fixtures such as hinges and door handles to be fused together, preventing entry.

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