Fortune Road School was located in Five Houses, just east of St. Peter's. After its closure, it served for many years as the cottage of Owen and Joyce Dwan. It still stands today.

In 1931 the Guardian[1] notes that Miss Mollie Harrington was teacher there, and that in advance of the Christmas break the school was decorated and the students were examined in various subjects. After examination, a "short but appropriate" performance was enacted. Music was played on the fiddle and organ by two boys from Morell, and Mr. John J Larkin presided as chairman.

The program was as follows:

Opening Recitation - Edith Larkin

Song: Hallelujah I'm a Bum - Beatrice Dwan

Recitation - Stephen Larkin

Dialogue: Mrs. Brown's Christmas Presents - James McInnis and Monica Larkin

Recitation - William McMillan

Recitation - Matilda Larkin

Monlogue: Biddy's Trials Among the Yankees - Cecelia Larkin

Recitation - Mary McMillan

Dialogue: Eating a la Mode - Stephen Larkin and Philip Larkin

Recitation - Gerard Dwan

Recitation - Mildred Dwan

Chorus - Jingle Bells

Recitation - Hazel Larkin

Dialogue: Rastus Rambles On - Stephen Larken and Philip Larkin

Recitation - Cyril McInnis

Dialogue: The Minister's Mistake - Cecelia Larkin and Freddy Larkin

Closing Recitation - Philip Larkin

National Anthem

After this performance there was a visit from Santa Claus, and all of the students were delighted to receive a small gift. The teacher was not forgotten, and received many niceties from the students as well.

Mrs. Clara Dwan was the teacher at the Fortune Road School in 1948. During the summer of 1948 the Fortune Road Women's Institute had the school varnished and the window frames and sills painted.

References Edit

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