Fortune River

Fortune River, 2009.

Fortune River is a sizeable river located west of Souris. It flows east in Rollo Bay and the Northumberland Strait in Lot 43. Its name derives possibly derives from the French riviere a la fortune, which translates roughly to 'river of riches' (Rayburn). Although there is some evidence to suggest that a ship La Fortune was in the area in 1754, maps as early as 1752 indicate the area as being Riviere a la Fortune (Rayburn).

The Fortune River flows into Bay Fortune, which is both the name of the bay and the community at its mouth. Both Fortune Front Beach and Fortune Back Beach are found here, as is Fortune Harbour.


The Fortune River watershed is the largest in eastern PEI (PEI Wildlife Federation). The branches and tributaries of the Fortune River watershed pass through the communities of Farmington, St. Charles, Albion Cross, Dingwell's Mills, Fortune Bridge, and Bay Fortune (PEI Wildlife Federation).

The Prince Edward Island Wildlife Federation provides some other statistics regarding the Fortune River watershed. It covers 7535 hectares of land, of which 2183 are owned by the provincial government and 1480 are used for agriculture. There are 92km of streams within the watershed (PEI Wildlife Federation).


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