Easternmost end of PEI. On Holland 1765. In Micmac Kespemenegek, "end of an island". Map 1750 Pointe Rouge (Red Point). Known at one point, according to Lovell's 1871 PEI directory, as Beaton's Beach, due to the Beaton family which owned much of the property in the area.

According to Reverend Alfred (A.E.) Burke, ca 1886 (found in the St. Columba History document): "Towards the close of the last century several Catholic heads of families from the Highlands of Scotland settled on the north eastern shore of Prince Edward Island. On their arrival they found the extreme East Point occupied by an old solider from the lowlands named Peebles; another lowland settler named John Ford ultimately joined them, and they had a later addition in their ranks in the person of John Broh, an Irishman from Dublin and uncle to the late Archbishop Hughes of New York"

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