The "Beaton House", also now known as the Leard House or the Carleton House, located at 57 Main Street, is a Georgian Style house that was built by Donald Beaton in the early 1850s[1][2].

It was sold to Caleb Carlton as part of Mrs. Beaton's estate in 1888 and used as a United States Consul office. This meant, according to Brian Deveau, that "all the U.S. cargo and materials coming to the Island would have to go through him"[1]. Some recall that Carlton was something of a character, and that he maintained a proud connection to the United States by keeping a live eagle penned in a wicker cage as a pet in the front yard[3].

Furthermore, the Beaton house was known to be the location of one of the first "three-way telephone connections in Souris"[1].

In 1953 the house was sold to Ray Leard, former mayor of Souris, and has kept the Leard name ever since. It was the childhood home of Boyd and Waldron Leard, and Boyd is the present owner.

Discussions arose in 2016 surrounding the possibility of turning the Leard House into the Town of Souris' public library, however these talks have stalled[1].

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