The former school in Selkirk was called the Armadale school. It still stands today, having been restored by the Women's Institute. Community functions, bingos, and election day polls are held here. The school is located on the south-west corner of the Selkirk and the Aberdeen Road.

Prior Location Edit

Meacham's Atlas 1880[1] notes the school as being south of the train tracks on the Selkirk Road, between the two forks of the Naufrage river, and two properties north of the Curtis Road. Furthermore, it indicates that it was on the east side of the Selkirk Road.

Naming the School Edit

Armadale District is named for the home in Scotland of some of the early settlers. When the rural route mail system was introduced in Canada 1912-9114 – no two post offices in Canada were permitted to have the exact same name and since they had a Selkirk P. O. in Manitoba, they called the one in PEI Armadale and the school took the name of the post office.[2]

References Edit

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