Mom and Dad 1

Andy and Darlene, November 2012.

Andy Paton, son of George Paton and Margaret Paton (nee Young) was born June 9 1956. He married Darlene Paton (nee Dwan) in 1991, and together they had four children, Nathan, Luke, Spencer and Lydia. He currently lives in Rollo Bay West, PEI. 

Andy attended school first in a one room school house in Rollo Bay West, and then attended Souris Regional High School. Whilst in high school he began working at Townshend Potato Co., and continues to work there. He dropped out of school in grade 12.

Adept in the construction business, Andy worked to build and sell homes for some time in the late 1980s and early 1990s, building several homes at the bottom of the St. Charles Road. One of the homes which he built served as his house for some time. After marrying Darlene the two moved into this house, and all of his children were

Andy Paton Spencer Paton cutting wood

Andy and son Spencer cutting wood, March 2013.

raised there for at least some portion of their lives. In the winter of 2001 Andy finished construction on his current home at 121 St. Charles Road, and he and his family moved to that address which neighbours his childhood home.

Throughout his life Andy has worked cutting, milling, and delivering wood to supplement his income as a farmhand. He continues to do so to this day, often accompanied by one of his sons.

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